Mark Murray wrote:
> > > This is the single most flagrant lack of cooperation I have experienced
> > > while working with the FreeBSD Project.  I'm truly dumbfounded.
> >
> > It's not a lack of co-operation.. it's a lack of communication. I didn't
> > see an any lists that anyone was doing this yet and thought I'd get
> > the ball rolling to promote discussion.. I'm dumfounded to discover that you've
> > done work here already as I thought I'd have heard of it.  I'm sad you
> > take it as an insult. All I want is to start discussion, and I was doing
> > it as a way of clarifying my thoughts as to what wqas needed.
> Um, Julian - I have known about this for a good couple of months. I
> can't remember specifically _how_ I know; suffice to say there has
> been a fair bit of dialogue on the lists and Jason's progress-page
> has a good overview.

Ok so I had another look and I was mostly right the first time..

That is the SMP page. This is kernel support for threading..
A differnt issue. There is no mention on the SMP progress page of ANYONE
splitting the process structure.

Looking around his site I found the 'kse' page

previously I only knew of

>From the newly found page I see that indeed he has reported 
having done this.. But I didn't know about that page before.

I sent a mail on the topic on November 26 to -arch (where threading 
conversation was based) and with JasonE specifically CC'd. So he cannot 
claim that he wasn't informed. (others reponded to the mail so I know 
it went out). (He didn't respond)

If he had bothered to answer my mail with the fact that he had just done 
this a few days before, I would have been delighted. 

Since I was the person that was instrumental in pusing the KSE model 
forward, I find it strange that Jason didn't let me know what was going on. 
I only found this page because I figured that there must be something there 
that I didn't know about, after others (the first being phk) told me that
"Hey Jason's already done that".

I'm on -arch, -current and -smp and I didn't see any comments on this.

Blaming me is the wrong direction to point the finger.. we just need to 
ensure that all players know what is currently being discussed where.

In any case it was only a 5 hour hack so if I've duplicated his work
I've only wasted 5 hours of my time. I'm pleased that Jason did this 
and I'm trying to find out where I can get a copy of his work to look at.

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