I wonder if anyone noticed that segfault messages are no longer appended
to the dmesg output. For me it looks like serious POLA violation. The
following script highlights the problem:

--- kaboom.sh ---
dmesg -a > dmesg.old
cat > tst.c << EOF
#include <stdio.h>
main () { return strlen((char *)NULL); }
cc tst.c -o tst
dmesg -a > dmesg.new
diff -d dmesg.old dmesg.new
rm -f dmesg.old tst.c tst dmesg.new

On a 4-STABLE system:
max@vic$ ./kaboom.sh
./kaboom.sh: line 7: 12717 Segmentation fault      ./tst
> pid 12717 (tst), uid 1001: exited on signal 11

Whereas on a 5-CURRENT:
max@notebook$ ./kaboom.sh
./kaboom.sh: line 7:   333 Segmentation fault      ./tst

Please fix.


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