On 29-Jan-01 John Indra wrote:
> I noticed that DEVFS has been the default in GENERIC kernel. I have been
> -CURRENT tracker for the past couple of months and things like DEVFS is
> still new to me. Thus, a couple of questions arise and I am very glad if
> someone want to explain it to me, or maybe point to docs that I should read.
> 1. Say I want to use DEVFS, what should I change? /etc/fstab? Should I nuke
> the current /dev?

Just put it in your kernel config, init(8) will mount it for you

> 2. If something change to the source tree's MAKEDEV, what should I do?

Nothing.  With DEVFS, each driver in the kernel creates its own
entries automatically, so MAKEDEV isn't used.

> Thanks...
> /john


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