In reply to my own post (which nobody has replied to, perhaps
because I never actually phrased a question :-) )... I have found
that if the kernel config file is named GENERIC, it will boot
just fine; otherwise, I loose the console.  I have done a 
cvsup tonight as well as a make world and many different kernels.
If I copy GENERIC to DEBUG and recompile the kernel it will not
boot properly.... copy the file back to GENERIC and everything
seems fine?

I have searched the archives and read UPDATING, but nothing jumps
out at me.

Does anybody have any idea where I could look next?


On Sun, Jan 28, 2001 at 10:16:02PM -0700, Chad David wrote:
> On a current from last Sunday I recompiled
> a new kernel with just makeoptions DEBUG=-g
> and options DDB added to  GENERIC and when
> I boot I see the first few spins of the loader
> booting the kernel and then all video output stops.
> After the boot finishs I get a login prompt but no
> keyboard response or video after that.
> I am able to ssh into the box, and all seems well
> from the "inside". If I recompile GENERIC it works
> just fine.
> Here is a dmesg, I noticed a few things but nothing I know
> how to fix..
> Chad

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