> >Could these modifications be ported to -STABLE to ease up the transition
> >from -STABLE to -CURRENT ? I don't know if this is tied deeply on other
> >changes in -CURRENT, but if it is not I'd like to use the new facility.
> I think I would rather leave -stable out of this for now.  There are
> too many deployed production systems I think.

Just to make my intentions clear, I am not asking to remove
vn/vnconfig(8)/mfs from -STABLE, I was just asking for the inclusion of
md/mdconfig in -STABLE so that people (at least me :) ) can get ready for
the day 5.0 will becomes -STABLE...

My other problem is that I use vn's heavily and I find that some of their
limitations are really annoying. While I could hack the relevent code to
make myself happy, I think that there is little value in me doing that when
it is obvious that they are going away in the not so distant future (5.0).

Anyway, this is not a big deal.


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