I think i just encountered a bug in FreeBSD's tftpd-implementation.
Actually it's a bug that i spotted a while back with a friend of mine in
NetBSD's implementation, but never really bothered with it since i don't
use tftpd myself, but i am in a position now where i need to with FreeBSD.

The bug only triggers when trying to fetch files bigger than 32 MB. On
NetBSD it happened around a 16 MB boundary ... (but i may have interpreted
blocksizes wrong).

The issue is located in a minor difference in tftpd's own "block" count
and <arpa/tftp.h> 's struct tftphdr 's "tu_block" type declaration

<arpa/tftp.h> defines the block count:
unsigned short  tu_block;       /* block # */

tftpd.c 's xmitfile and recvfile functions define the block count:
volatile int block;

What happens is kinda obvious .... after quite a lot of data has been sent
without any problems ... suddenly tftpd's block-counter starts wrapping
while <arpa/tftp.h>'s block counter does simply increase more.

This results in "TIMEOUT errors" as the block-sequence numbers simply won't
match any more.

If patches are required let me know ...

  Pascal Hofstee      < daeron @ shadowmere . student . utwente . nl >
         I'm a signature virus. Please copy me and help me spread.

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