"Andrey A. Chernov" wrote:

> I have some questions about new threads way. Daniel says that new way is:
> > gcc -Wall -o foo foo.c -lc_r
> 1) What about libgcc_r.a? Is it picked automatically in this case or
> not? Is it ever needed now?

libgcc_r is gone (merged into libgcc.a). In the meantime you should replace it
manually with a symlink to libgcc.a (many ports still assume that gcc_r

> 2) Is new way is backward-compatible with old way? I.e. can we just change
> ports to use new way and assume that still works on -stable?

This issue is actually is more complicated than that. While this change has
been MFC'ed to the stable, but this option is still required for the older
versions (4.2-RELEASE and downward), so ideally __FreeBSD_version should be
bumped and -lgcc_r  placed into a conditional in all ports that make use of

> 3) Is -D_THREAD_SAFE required now?

AFAIK yes.


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