On Fri, Feb 02, 2001 at 04:11:29PM +0900, Yoshihiro Koya wrote:
> Hello,
> I did make world a couple days ago.  The system was built from cvsup'd 
> source on Jan 30:
> >--------------------------------------------------------------
> >>>> elf make world started on Tue Jan 30 06:23:38 JST 2001
> >--------------------------------------------------------------
> The system uses DEVFS. But I have some issue around sound drivers.
> I usually use mpg123(Version 0.59r (1999/Jun/15))
> or x11amp(version 0.8).  Before using DEVFS, I was able to adjust
> sound volume in the sophisticated manner.
> But, after installing DEVFS, I wasnt adjust sound volume.
> It might be difficult to run x11amp with DEVFS.
> On the other hand, mpg123 works. But, its sound is too loud.
> Added to this, before install DEVFS, I found /dev/dsp1 or /dev/dsp0 
> in /dev.  But I only found the different kind of files:
> % ls /dev
> The files /dev/dsp1.0 and /dev/dsp1.1 are new to me.  Of course,
> I tried to do
> % x11amp -e /dev/dsp1.0
> % x11amp -e /dev/dsp1.1
> % x11amp -e /dev/dspW1.0
> % x11amp -e /dev/dspW1.1
> But in vain.
> Does some have solution or suggestion?

  Yep. I have these in my /etc/rc.devfs:
ln -fs /dev/audio1.0 /dev/audio
ln -fs /dev/dsp1.0 /dev/dsp
ln -fs /dev/mixer1 /dev/mixer

This produces almost exactly same environment both with DEVFS and without.

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