FreeBSD-SA-01:09                                            Security Advisory
                                                                FreeBSD, Inc.

Topic:          Local ego exploit

Category:       (l)users
Announced:      2001-02-03
Credits:        AntiOffline.com, Disgraced.org, Deficiency.org
                sil, deran9ed
Affects:        All released (l)users of FreeBSD

Corrected:      (l)Users should seek psychotherapy shock therapy,
                along with multiple doses of Thorazine chased by
                2 shots of Liquid Draino for maximum effectivity

Vendor status:  Feelings still hurting while crying over spilled

FreeBSD only:   YES and some of their (l)users

I.   Background

FreeBSD (l)users became disgruntled about the original advisory
concerning the bloated remarks aimed towards their chopperating
sysdumb. This became an issue for some on Internet Relay Chat,
and caused them to ban others' connection since their ego's had
been hurt. (boo fsckin hoo)

II.  Problem Description

Penis envy seems to be the number one cause, and we are trying
to differentiate between the women who still have penises, that
are crying (game) foul.

For the hermies we suggest counseling, and estrogen treatment
followed by a visit to fellow hermie JP @ AntiOnline.com as well
as the switch hitting lesbo at http://www.happyhacker.org in an
effort to ass!ess their sexualities.

Egos can be strengthened by practicing humility and learning that
once in a while it is a good thing to actually have a good laugh,
although to those whose egos' that have been hurt we suggest that
you replace the batteries in your dildos and reinsert them into
your anal crevices.

III. Impact

None to those with a sense of humor, although those without them
will grow old and become miserable rootards, capable of placing
razor blades, crushed glass, and cyanide, in the bags of small
children who are out for Halloween Trick or Treating.

IV.  Workaround

Take a look at your own shortcomings before judging others.

V.   Solution

Socialize a bit more.

VI.  Shouts

Marshall Mathers

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