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> In your previous mail you wrote:
>       It is not impossible to support IPv6 NFS without switching to TI-RPC,
>       INRIA IPv6 has the code (IIRC).
>=> this code was ported to FreeBSD 4.2. I'll give more details as soon as
>I am back to my office (ie. next week).

The code is available on ftp.imag.fr, directory
files FILES-NFS-FreeBSD42.tgz (files) or   PATCH-NFS-FreeBSD42 (patch)
It as been tested against Solaris8.

>        However, if you try this, there will
>       be a lot of of non-intuitive typecast against library arguments.
>=> this is a matter of taste. TI-RPC is not perfect tooo (:-).

and also the old RPC interface is too weak to manage correctly different
types of transport at the same time.

It agree that a long term solution is to change to the TI-RPC interface,
but the real TI-RPC libraries are complicated. 

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