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>On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, Bruce Evans wrote:


>> I think procfs never actually implemented this.  Program names may
>> have spaces in them too.  Of course, the line is too hard to parse if
>> the first "field" has spaces in it.  Only MAXCOMLEN and NAME_MAX
>> prevent the command name being the contents of another process's
>> status line :-).

>Ok, then how should this be fixed?

>We could escape the space characters with something:

>swi5:$task$queue 14 0 0 0 -1,-1 noflags 981365276,40 0,0 0,0 nochan 0 0 0,0 -

>and for command name 'my$prog':

>my$$prog 334 1 332 0 -1,-1 noflags 981361691,37404 0,0 0,5748 select 0 0 0,0 -

>or similar...

IMHO a correct solution would be to use a separator that cannot occur
in any of the fields.  All fields but the command name can be
considered "well behaved" (= under control by procfs), and the command
name is subject to file name limitations: that leaves NUL, "\n" and
maybe "/" (of only the basename is shown) as safe separators.

The "cmdline" file seems to solve the problem by using NULs.

Come to think of it: another solution, in this case, would be to put
the command name last on the line: anything beyond field N is the
command name, including any spaces.

But, please, no quoting.

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