John Baldwin said:

> On 06-Feb-01 Andrea Campi wrote:
> > Sorry to bother everybody, but did anybody note from my panic trace,
> > that instruction pointer is 0xdeadc0de? Isn't that bad? :-p
> That means it is free'd memory.  One cause might be something
> that is free'ing its interrupt handler w/o releasing it properly.
> Alternatively, it might be a race in the interrupt list code that was
> been brought about by preemption.  Since locks are rather expensive,
> we have avoided locking the list of interrupt handlers in the past,
> but we may have to break down and do that now. :( This will hurt
> interrupt latency unless I can figure out a slick way of fixing it.
> Can anyone confirm that a pre-preemption kernel works fine for them?

I have 2 SMP boxes (one with pentium 200MMX's, the other with PPro
233's. There are other differences in peripherals). Both boxes run
an identical build of a kernel dating to sun 4th feb. The PPro is
rock-stable. The PentiumMMX is very fragile, and will panic easily
(often in vm_fault) with a sig9 (IIRC).

Mark Murray
Warning: this .sig is umop ap!sdn

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