On 2001-Feb-07 08:13:31 +0100, Rasa Karapandza <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>I receive ctm-src current by e-mail, which I retrive using netscape.
>I save message as plain text then I try uudecode and I alvays get no begin
>line I tryed to edit file but I'm not able to get it work.

CTM mail isn't uuencoded, which is probably your major problem.  The
e-mail body should begin as follows:

Hash: SHA1

CTM_MAIL BEGIN cvs-cur.6780.gz 1 1

The e-mail messages should be fed into ctm_rmail to decode.  I feed
them into the following (directly from sendmail, but you could do it

/usr/local/bin/pgpv -f | \
    /usr/sbin/ctm_rmail -f -v -p $CTM/pieces -d $CTM/deltas -l $CTM/log

(Where $CTM is my ctm "home", with pieces and deltas as sub-directories).
You can skip the pgpv if you don't want to check the signatures.

I apply the decoded CTM's as a separate step with:
# ctm_rmail -uv -b $CVSROOT -d $CTM/deltas


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