Hi all,

I have reworked my patches and I run now successfully CURRENT
with them, make buildworld has been sucessfull and everything
seems to work so far.


Can't we commit this to CURRENT now ? I'd like to see a history
of my changes, I don't have the patch in cvs here, and I'd like
that others see the changes too and can tell me if they are correct.

These are the changes I have done on this release.

# rpc.diff_02082001-2:
#       Added IPPROT_ST to rpcinfo and rpcbind to correct
#       output of 'rpcinfo -p'. All Unix socket connections
#       are correctly displayed as 'local' instead of garbage.
#       Corrected rpcinfo.8 to be correctly displayed. I had
#       to convert all .Nm "" to .Nm
#       Fixed some .rej, some man-pages have been updated.
#       Removed again some _THREAD_SAFE definitions to make
#       it fit to the new CURRENT libc-format. More on this
#       will follow this week.

Just go into you CURRENT Source tree and run the patch.sh,
then make world and run mergemaster after (to copy all
needed files like netconfig and the patches defaults/rc.conf

Thank you for your time you spend on the patch.


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