> i have Ensoniq ES1371-based soundcard supported by pcm driver and
> experience some problems. the sound played is interruped by clicks and
> distorsions, and they appear more often when the disk activity is high.
> during playback the kernel generates messages like 'pcm0: hwptr went
> backwards 64 -> 32'. any ideas?

I have similar problems, except the disruptions only seem to occur during
keyboard activity.  I ran a cvsup while using mpg123 and had no problems,
which is pretty impressive since the machine is a P133.  However, even a
small amount of typing causes noticeable audio glitches.  This happens
both with a ES1371 and an old SB16 ISA card.  It seems I may also be
losing keystrokes from the keyboard, though I haven't confirmed it's not a
problem with the keyboard itself.

- Mike

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