On Sun, Feb 11, 2001 at 07:07:40PM -0800, Jordan Hubbard wrote:
> In his article at http://www.daemonnews.org/200102/armoring.html,
> Markus Delves describes the usage of the SSH ftp command to do secure
> file copies.  I further notice that we install the sftpd server in
> both -stable and -current (though we don't include any prototype
> information on how to start it) so we're obviously half-way down the
> road, but what's the story with the client?  Thanks.

I thought I told you about this today on IRC..but the answer is that
OpenSSH 2.3.0 doesn't have an sftp client (it does interoperate with
the ssh.com client, though). I discovered this afternoon that one
exists in the devel version, so it will be imported with the next
version, whenever that comes out.


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