Doug Barton wrote:
> Peter Wemm wrote:
> > Argh...  We are in far worse shape than I thought...
> > It seems that the "temporary" copies of the host tools like install etc
> > are getting clobbered by the non-version-bump of libc.
> >
> > It is sheer luck that only the sed thing died before.  It could have been
> > a lot worse.
>         I managed to get through an install by doing 'make -k install ; make
> installworld' in /usr/src. So far, the only thing that's been negatively
> affected is my old x-chat binary. I compiled and installed a new one and it
> works just fine.

        Well, I spoke a little too soon. xauth is also dead. It isn't allowing
connections back to the X server, and it dumps core when I try running it
to list .Xauthority contents, etc. 

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