On Mon, 12 Feb 2001 16:19:57 +0700, John Indra wrote:

> Please help me to overcome this. My world is totally broken. ps and top
> don't work. fetchmail, and other program seems to lost STDOUT. After failed
> installworld, I reboot my machine, blew away /usr/obj and make clean in
> /usr/src. Now when I want to rebuild the world, make just don't want to do
> its jobs anymore :(

1) In multi-user mode, try to update your source tree to RELENG_4.

2) Drop to single-user mode.

3) cd /usr/src
   make cleandir
   make cleandir        # (Yes, twice)

4) make buildworld

5) make buildkernel

6) make installkernel

7) make installworld

8) mergemaster

9) reboot

If your box is hosed to the point where that doesn't work and you don't
know how to fix each problem manually, you'll be better off going for a
binary installation of 4.x-RELEASE and then updating to 4.x-STABLE.

Seriously, now's not the time to run CURRENT "for fun".


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