On Mon, 12 Feb 2001, Warner Losh wrote:
> To be blunt, the FILE * changes go too far, even for -current.

Other than having to installworld twice, I've had zero problems.
But I don't recompile my applications often, and am probably
still running things that depend on libc.so.4.

> Changes of this magnitude require a bump of the major number, even
> though we've already done that in -current.  It breaks nearly
> everything, including the upgrade path.  Alternatively, the locking
> changes need to be backed out.

Too bad ELF libraries don't have minor version numbers.  It's
a shame to waste a library version number.

> Alternatively, the upgrade path must be fixed.  We've managed to avoid
> extra special instructions in the vast majority of cases, and I don't
> want to start introducing them now.  It is the road to madness.  We
> tried that once before and the support load was too high.

I don't have the time or resources to fix the upgrade path.  If
someone else wants to, it would certainly be appreciated.

Dan Eischen

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