On Mon, Feb 12, 2001 at 05:09:19PM -0800, Peter Wemm wrote:
> I can deal with /usr/local and /usr/X11R6 recompiles, but when the
> installworld dies because the dynamic linked copy of /usr/bin/* in
> /tmp/XXX/* gets the /usr/lib/libc.so.5 clobbered and explodes, leaving
> a 100% totally screwed up system, then I begin to think we are doing
> something wrong.
> If it wasn't for that, I could deal with a /usr/local and
> /usr/X11R6/lib recompile.  

100% agreed.  Before doing this, can we put out a *HEADS UP* for people
to NOT update their -current boxes for a day or two, and take a look at
fixing the `make installworld' problem?

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