At Tue, 13 Feb 2001 20:01:28 +0600 (NOVT),
>       Yes this patch permits 'setlocale(LC_ALL, "")' to return
> success, but it is not solve the problem totally. It seems to me
> that all comparisons of the return value from '__part_load_locale'
> in the 'lmessages.c', 'lnumeric.c' and 'lmonetary.c' are reversed now
> and your patch correct only one of them (but this one prevents
> setlocale to work for all locales but "C" and "POSIX").

All reversed?  It seems to me at least the comparison in the line 65
of lmessages.c is correct, and the ones in lnumeric.c and lmonetary.c
look fine as well.  Let's have your say, Alexey! ;)

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