"Pierre Y. Dampure" wrote:
> Julian Elischer wrote:
> > I used to use a Linksys Etherfast card
> > in my Inspiron, but I haven't used it for
> > a while. Today I tried to use it again
> > but it failed miserably..
> >
> Most probably you noticed this already, but (in src/UPDATING):
> 20001218:
>         Linksys Fast Ethernet PCCARD cards supported by the ed driver
>         now require the addition of flag 0x80000 to their config line
>         in pccard.conf(5).  This flag is not optional.  These Linksys
>         cards will not be recognized without it.
> Regards,

I have that (it's in the new pccard.conf files)
and the card is recognised correctly.. it just doesn't WORK.
I'm goinng to a friend's place on Saturday to try it on a known
good network just to be sure it's not the cable.

till then, I don;t really need it yet.


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