On Wed, Feb 14, 2001 at 10:19:24PM +0100, Pierre DAVID wrote:
> I just upgraded my Dell Latitude LT from 4.2-RELEASE TO
> -current (just before 9h Feb): all is working perfectly
> with a GENERIC kernel, pccardd and a 3Com 3C589 Ethernet
> card.

I hope you are aware that -CURRENT is experimental and at
times can be extremely unstable.  Also, NEWCARD is really
not supposed to be used unless you are planning on working
on it.

>     - with the 3Com 3C589, I cannot get anything from
>       the network (ECHO packets are emitted, but
>       nothing returns)

Hmm, that's odd.

>     - with a 3Com 3CCFE575BT-D (xl0) - which works like
>       a charm with a Sony Vaio - I get lot of:
>           xl0: watchdog timeout
>       and all communications are sloooooow.

I smell an IRQ conflict.


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