If you paid attention to -ports, you found adding


to kdesupport2/Makefile would help.

There are some way to ``fix'' this problem:
a) linking -lc_r against libGL.
   This is denied by John Polstra and he suggested (b). He said libc
   and libc_r must be strictly synchronized. If so, this might be a
   bad idea. 

b) adding -pthread to each port which uses libGL.
   This method needs some work but if this is the way to go, we should
   start fixing broken ports. So many ports are broken with -pthread

c) Use -lc_r instead of -pthread.
   As -pthread will be depreciated, we should use -lc_r for FreeBSD
   5.0 and later, shouldn't we?

d) [Please add your opinions]


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