As has been pointed out, this is simply incorrect due to an attempt to use
kernel string operators on a string in the kernel address space. Generally
speaking, it's a bad idea to explicitly perform string activities on
userland strings, instead, to rely on the bounds checking in copyinstr()
and related calls.  The namei has all appropriate bounds checks it needs
for normal nul-termianted string reading from userland.  If you need to
place an artificially low bound on the string length for a path name that
is to be read in, and reject based on the pathname length, then namei() is
probably not the right call to pull in the string in the first place.  For
many reasons, including that if shared memory is in use, then there's a
race condition under SMP that can let malicious processes update the path
between the two checks as they are non-atomic.

What is it you're trying to accomplish here, exactly?  Is it prevent paths
>MNAMELEN to be used as targets of mounting operations?  Or is it to
truncate strings reported via statfs to some arbitrary bound?  If it's the
former, I think we need to be eliminating that need and moving to the
latter.  If it's the latter, then we need to perform the truncation
wherefer f_mntfromname is set.  That appears to be, btw, in vfs_mount() 
for each filesystem, and in vfs_rootmountalloc().  A quick glance at UFS
seems to indicate that the MNAMELEN limit is already enforced there, and
that this is the right solution.

On Thu, 15 Feb 2001, Martin Blapp wrote:

> In mount.h, we have a #define MNAMELEN        80
> and in struct statfs {} we have:
> char    f_mntonname[MNAMELEN];  /* directory on which mounted */
> but the kernel does no check to see if the mountpath is longer
> than MNAMELEN, it just accepts it ? It's impossible to umount(8)
> it, because umount(8) does not like to unmount some device which
> does not belong to the mountpoint.
> --- vfs_syscalls.c      Sun Nov 26 03:30:05 2000
> +++  Thu Feb 15 18:22:13 2001
> @@ -140,6 +140,8 @@
>         /*
>          * Get vnode to be covered
>          */
> +       if (strlen(SCARG(uap, path)) > MNAMELEN)
> +               return (ENAMETOOLONG);
>             SCARG(uap, path), p);
>         if ((error = namei(&nd)) != 0)
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