That site on the net for buying and selling businesses is http://bsab.com.au

This is the one that Craig Simmons told us he sold his shop from. I've checked it out 
- it looks great - but I do see a problem for you in that nobody is going to pay you 
$950k for your business unless you move to NT. Every other place in Australia has your 
type of business for far less and making more money.

ONLY KIDDING  - Check it out it has all the information on buying and selling a 
Business in Australia and it has stacks of businesses for sale and people looking for 
businesses.  Here is the link  http://www.bsab.com.au/

I've put a ad up in wanted to buy today it's free 
Have a look at my ad  click on this http://www.bsab.com.au/boardinfo.asp?IDnum=140 

Hey don't send me your business I can't handle paying Johnnie 100k in tax each year 
like you and supporting your sister too.

Give me a call after you look at this site

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