We all know: -current is bleeding edge, expect it to break at random. Don't run it if 
you don't know how to fix it.
-stable is for production, it works all the time.

Do we need a level in between for people who just run current for the fun of it and 
for testing.
So after the hardcore has tested it in -current, they commit it to all the monkeys 
trying to break it, and we then try it on n^m' combinations of hardware/software.

I might not be able to fix a problem, but I can report what happens, and if my 
-current breaks for a few days, it is no big deal.

While -current is not for everybody, I believe people like me helps in quality testing 
before the stuff hits -stable.

Perhaps not a level, just a separate file, which contained the date of the last known 
version without known major problems. (or "." if no known problems)


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