On Mon, Feb 19, 2001 at 04:06:23PM -0800, Matthew Jacob wrote:
> > > it u sed to be that one would do 'config -r <file>' to config a kernel, so
> > > that it removed the old /sys/compile/<file> directory ... -r was removed,
> > > so is it no longer required to remove the old directory before building
> > > the new kernel, or ... ?
> > 
> > Yes. The dependency stuff all just works, you can 'make clean' if you
> > really want to do a complete rebuild.
> This doesn't work 100%. In particular if you have a sys that's not part of
> /usr/src/sys it doesn't always work. I've told Peter, but I think he thinks
> this is a real edge case.

Well, there's always rm -rf CONFIGDIR


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