Edwin Culp wrote:
> > I have a kernel that hangs at boot, so when I try to boot kernel.old, I
> > have a problem.  At the Default: F1 prompt, I give it an F1 and then the
> > space key give me
> >
> > >> FreeBSD/i386 BOOT
> > Default: 0:wd(o,a)/boot/loader
> > boot: _
> >
> > What do I put at the boot prompt.  I think the changes of the last few
> > days have left me a little punchy.  I thought that I always put
> > kernel.old or /boot/kernel.old.

On -current, /boot/kernel.old is a directory containing both kernel and
modules. /boot/kernel.old/kernel would do, but why skip the loader
phase? Let loader proceed, interrupt the ten second count and then type:

boot kernel.old

(or boot-conf kernel.old, if you are using loader to get some modules

Daniel C. Sobral                        (8-DCS)

        "Too bad sentience isn't a marketable commodity."

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