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I wrote:
> At Wed, 21 Feb 2001 12:35:09 +0900,
> Daniel C. Sobral wrote:
> > I'm not familiar with find sources, but it seems to me you execute
> > regcomp() for each file name to be compared? If so... change that! :-)
> > Regcomp() does expensive setup so that regexec() can be run
> > inexpensively many times over.
> Indeed.  I'll do it soon, thanks.


> > You forgot -E (use extended regexp syntax), and the example you show
> > above is extended regexp syntax, not basic regexp syntax.

Well, it was added after I had posted the original article.  The
latest one's find.1 mentions it.

        .It Fl E
        Interpret regular expressions followed by
        .Ic -regex
        .Ic -iregex
        options as extended (modern) regular expressions rather than basic
        regular expressions (BRE's).  The
        .Xr re_format 7
        manual page fully describes both formats.

As for the syntax my examples conform to, I think they are valid both
for basic and extended.

        True if the whole path of the file matches
        .Ar pattern
        using regular expression.  To match a file named ``./foo/xyzzy'', you
        can use the regular expression ``.*/[xyz]*'' or ``.*/foo/.*'', but not
        ``xyzzy'' or ``/foo/''.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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