At Wed, 21 Feb 2001 18:53:26 +1300,
Craig Carey wrote:
> Can an  -iname  option be provided. Then the FreeBSD find would be
> more like GNU find, and lines like this could be written:

Yes, it's already implemented as I wrote in the previous mail.

> I am doubtful that the -regexp needs to be inferior to the the
> -egrep option. What software would break: it was said that there is
> no regexp?. There are opinions around saying that egrep is better
> than grep.

We are not aiming to be that GNU'ish.  Being compatible with NetBSD is
a good thing in a sense.

> What is the -E option: perhaps this?:   -eregex
> Suppose it is case sensitive. Then it could be
>   -eiregex  or  -ieregex  or  -eregexi

I don't like it somehow..  I chose -E because it is consistent with
(our) grep(1) and sed(1).

> What about improving 'ls' too?: can there be an option so that it
> refuses to list any information about directories (useful in the
> above example). Also, is there any plan to stop the wastage of
> space in the central columns of "ls"'s output, where it lists
> uninteresting information. Maybe a '-p' option, like GNU 'ls'
> has.

Interesting, but it would be done at some other time.  I'd like to
focus on regex this time.

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