> Hmm, Feb 3-5 (looks).
> You mean the preemptive scheduling committed on Feb 1?  Can you try updating
> to early this week to see if it goes away?

Hi John,

every "recent" version I tried resulted in a slowdown so I didn't recompile very
often; until tonight, I was still runninng a kernel from 20010214.
Tonight I created a new kernel but I finally figured out I should take out most
debugging options:

options         DDB
# options               WITNESS
# options               WITNESS_DDB
# options               MUTEX_DEBUG
# options               INVARIANT_SUPPORT
# options               INVARIANTS

and now performance is very good, event with:

kern.random.sys.harvest_ethernet: 1
kern.random.sys.harvest_point_to_point: 0
kern.random.sys.harvest_interrupt: 1

Later tonight (my locale) I saw a few other commits to ithreads and such, exp.
your commit which should fix my issue with pccard (thanks a lot for that!), so
later a will update again and start building kernels adding back the debugging
options one at a time. I'll post the result.


Actually, Microsoft is sort of a mixture between the Borg and the Ferengi.

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