Okay, I have to pick up a NULL modem cable tomorrow and dive into this ...
finally ...

The various KTR_ that you mention below, these are kernel settings that I
compile into the kernel?

On Tue, 2 Jan 2001, John Baldwin wrote:

> On 02-Jan-01 The Hermit Hacker wrote:
> >
> > Over the past several months, as others have reported, I've been getting
> > system hangs using 5.0-CURRENT w/ SMP ... I've got DDB enabled, but
> > ctl-alt-esc doesn't break me to the debugger ...
> >
> > I'm not complaining about the hangs, if I was overly concerned, I'd run
> > -STABLE, but I'm wondering how one goes about providing debug information
> > on them other then through DDB?
> Not easily. :(  If you can make the problem easily repeatable, then you can try
> turning on KTR in your kernel (see NOTES, you will need KTR_EXTEND), setting up
> a serial console that you log the output of, create a shell script that runs
> the following commands:
> #!/bin/sh
> # Turn on KTR_INTR, KTR_PROC, and KTR_LOCK
> sysctl -w debug.ktr_mask=0x1208
> sysctl -w debug.ktr_verbose=2
> run_magic_command_that_hangs_my_machine
> and run the script.  You probably want to run it over a tty or remote login so
> tthat the serial console output is just the logging (warning, it will be very
> verbose!).  Also, you probably want to use
> http://www.FreeBSD.org/~jhb/patches/mtx_quiet.patch to shut up most of the
> irrelevant and cluttery mutex trace messages.  Note that having this much
> logging on will probably slow the machine to a crawl as well, so you may have
> to just start this up and go off and do something else until it hangs. :-/
> Another alternative is to rig up a NMI debouncer and use it to break into the
> debugger.  Then you can start poking around to see who owns sched_lock, etc.
> > Thanks ...
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