Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> * Steven G. Kargl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [010222 21:35] wrote:
> > With the great libc debacle of 2001, I have not tried
> > to update my system for about 2 weeks.  In that time I
> > may have missed the commit message that said that USER_LDT, which was needed 
> > for at least wine, was removed.
> Why are you using -current and not reading commit messages? :P
> Peter Wemm made it the default and it's no longer optional.

I do read the commit messages, but I don't remember one about
USER_LDT.  A search of the mailing list archive at
didn't turn up an obvious commit.

PS: I've been running current longer than you have been involved
    in the project.  Yes, I had 386BSD 0.0 floppy disk until I 
    tossed them because the floppy were damaged.


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