:Are you aware of any recent changes that would have caused this
:problem? I do not believe that the soft updates changes would
:have caused this problem since they were all related to `under
:stress' conditions which are not applicable here.
:       ~Kirk
    I haven't made any commits to -current for a while, like several
    weeks.  It's possible that the specfs fsync fixes I did few weeks
    ago could be involved, but the syncing problem seems to have
    come up recently... long after I had made those changes.
    It seems more likely that the problems are related to scheduler
    and interrupt subsystem changes in -current.

    If someone were to generate a core during the failing synchronization
    attempt I'd be happy to look at it.  It can only be one of a few 
    possibilities:  (1) The buffer cannot be synced because a background
    write is in progress and the background write never finishes (not likely),
    (2) the I/O for the buffer synchronization is initiated but interrupts
    are winding up being disabled by the halt code due to holding Giant
    and not sleeping (more likely).  That all I can think of.  We've hit
    the interrupt disablement problem before in -current, it's probably
    something simliar.


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