I finally realized I hadn't been running my 2xPPro box with SMP enabled for a
month or so. The top of tree, with the exception of Jake's last fix, hangs:

Mounting root from ufs:/dev/da0a
da0s1: type 0xa5, start 63, end = 8385929, size 8385867 : OK
WARNING: / was not properly dismounted
p/MsPb:i nC/PiUn1i taLiatu:n cted!
     lint0: 0x00010700 lint1: 0x00010400 TPR: 0x00000010 SVR: 0x000001ff
swapon: adding /dev/da0b as swap device
Automatic boot in progress...

(note the mangeld serial output)

Is this supposed to work right now?


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