On Wed, 28-Feb-2001 at 09:54:39 -0600, Jonathan Lemon wrote:
> I"ve committed a fix for the problem where DNS hangs or takes 
> a long time to resolve (the process gets stuck in kqread).
> In the last kqueue update, I added a new filter-specific flag to
> the read/write filters, which allows the filter to specify its
> own read/write watermarks.  However, since this flag was previously
> unused, if you do not initialize the structure to zero, you may
> get unexpected results.
> To that end, I'd encourage kqueue users to review their code and
> make sure that the structure is completely initialized.  A new 
> a new convenience macro EV_SET() was also added to <sys/event.h>
> which should also assist this process.

I saw that you modified usr.bin/tail/forward.c as well. This fixes
PR# 24223. Would you mind closing it?



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