I am in the process of trying to get all my current machines on the same 
page and I am finding a very strange problem.  In theory, the machines 
were/are configured almost exactly the same with the same applications 
and versions.  Now as I finish updating them about half (2 and 2 right 
ow) will stall on a telnet.  I get the login then passwd then it just sets there 
and does nothing.  No error, no time out, nothing in the logs.  From the 
internal interface it works fine.  Other machines with the same 
configuration, work as before.  The problem shows it's self on smtp, ftp, 
www, etc.  

Any suggestions will be appreciated.  I feel like/am almost sure it is 
operator error but I have been searching for it for several days with no 
luck, checking ipfw, pam, host.[allow|deny], .rhosts, etc.



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