On 02-Mar-01 Warner Losh wrote:
> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> John Baldwin writes:
>: Add INVARIANT_SUPPORT to your kernel config, and you should be reading your
>: cvs-all and -current mail. :)
> Is there a reason to not have INVARIANT_SUPPORT be default for a while
> in -current?

I'm already working on this.  See www.freebsd.org/~jhb/patches/newkern.patch.
This is verified to work on x86 just fine (it affects release, so it requires
more testing than might seem obvious at first.)  It should work on the alpha,
but I can't get my alpha machine to stay up through a buildworld.  Right now it
is getting a page fault while holding a spinlock, which blows up since it tries
to grab a sleep lock with interrupts disabled.  Then again, it may just be at a
raised IPL above 0 but not at IPL_HIGH.  Not sure yet.  *sigh*

> Warner


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