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> > ccd anybody?
> AFAIK, unlike vinum, ccd doesn't require any special disk labeling.

Sorry, I should have been clearer. If I got it right, you're working not only
on disk labeling for vinum, but on a complete frontend. If that is true, I think
we (yes I am volunteering, in case nobody else will - but I might need
help) should look into it and see how hard it might be to turn the non-disklabel
part into also a ccdconfig frontend.

I think what I'm trying to achieve is quite clear. It's currently very hard to
install a system with say a mirrored /usr; you need to do a lot of post-install
games. Having done that a lot of times in last year, I would love to have the
option to ccdconfig partitions in sysinstall, and install on them.


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