On 03-Mar-01 The Hermit Hacker wrote:
> Morning all ...
>       I'm trying to get my serial console to work on my desktop, and
> appear to be failing miserably at even just getting it to accept a 'getty'
> serial connection, let alone serial console ...
>       First, my X/mouse runs on /dev/ttyd1 ... if I startx, my mouse
> does work, but X hangs *very* quickly.  Based on this, I know that
> /dev/ttyd1 does work, at least for a short time.
>       Now, to confirm ... a NULL modem cable *is* pin 2->3, 3->2, right?
> rx->tx, tx->rx?  I've tested the cable using a multi-meter, just to make
> sure that it is doing what I expect ...
>       If I plug my cable from /dev/ttyd0 -> /dev/ttyd1 on the same
> machine, run getty on /dev/ttyd1 and use kermit to connect to /dev/cuaa0,
> I get no response back, which is why I'm wondering about sio ...

Try turning clocal off on the host and port you are running kermit on.  Even
then, I still have yet to get getty to work at all, it's always stuck in
'siodcd'.  I've noticed via debugging output that the DCD change bit does raise
for a read, but that teh DCD status bit stays at zero the entire time.  The
sio driver seems to ignore the change bit and only read the status bit, so it
thinks DCD is never raised and hangs forever on open.  Note that I can get a
getty fine on a serial console, just not on a /dev/ttydX that's not also the
serial console. :(  I've had this problem since before PRE_SMPNG however.


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