Warner Losh wrote:
> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Steve Kargl 
> : I get an instance panic if I start lpd, so I doubt you can make 
> : lpr performance any worse ;-)  The printer is connected to the 
> : parallel port.  On my work machine, lpd/lpr work fine, but the
> : printer is connected via tcp/ip.
> I can start lpd on my machine, but sometimes the machine will panic
> when an actual print job hits it.  On reboot it will panic when lpd
> starts sometimes.  Other times it will just work.  This is from a Feb
> 24th -current.

I have printing jobs sitting in the queue, so when lpq fires
up my machine panics.  I haven't tried deleting the print jobs,
restarting lpd, and then printing.


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