The Hermit Hacker wrote:
> Morning all ...
>         I'm trying to get my serial console to work on my desktop, and
> appear to be failing miserably at even just getting it to accept a 'getty'
> serial connection, let alone serial console ...

It's not that hard as long as you stick to certain essentials:

1) Dont try to run at any speed other than 9600 unless your
   prepared to read the archives and maintain things bwteen builds.
2) Dont use the serial port for anything else, no getty, no mouse
   (if you dont have enough com ports because you have a serial
   modem and a serial mouse you should just get yourself a cheap
   PS/2 mouse).
3) Maybe add the following line to your kernel

options         BREAK_TO_DEBUGGER       # A BREAK on a comconsole goes to DDB

4) Then just create /boot.conf containing just "-h" without the
   double quotes.

Then you can easily turn it off by renaming that file.

And yes there is no problem connecting it to another box and
running something like minicom to use the console.

Oh, you might want the grounds connected pin1 -> pin1 but make
sure the earth connections on your power outlets work or you'll
get what I had once where my whole computer room (computers on
a string of powerboards) was trying to earth itself through the
signal ground to my wyse50 in the lounge room!!!!

I didn't realise until I blew one of the serial ports on my old

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