On Tue, Mar 06, 2001 at 11:01:32PM +0000, Christian Weisgerber wrote:
> > The rewind and non-rewind tape device names were changed under
> > devfs from rsa0 and nrsa0 to sa0 and nsa0, (which IMHO
> > violates POLA).
> They were changed in MAKEDEV long before that.  MAKEDEV also provides
> 'r' names for compatibility.  devfs simply did away with those
> compat links.  For all kinds of devices, not only the tape drives.

MAKEDEV has made sa, etc devices with rsa, etc links in -STABLE for
almost ten months now (as you know since you submitted the changes :-).
What we really need to do is get all the utilities and docs updated in
-STABLE ASAP in hopes of getting a few releases with the right names
everywhere under our belt.  That should at least help reduce the number
of complaints come 5.0-RELEASE time.  Obviously, nothing is going to
stop them, but preemptive doc and utility updates including ports should
go a long way.  A preemptive FAQ like "where did /dev/rsa, /dev/nsa,
and /dev/esa go?" would probably also be in order.  Remember we've got
at least six months and by many estimates a whole year to get people to
recognize the fact that this change occured.  Now's the time to start
since we know it is going to confuse people.

-- Brooks

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