>     1) Reduce the ring size to something reasonable.  1024 is massive
>     overkill.  32 would be just fine.

I'll play with this.

>     2) Add a mandatory tsleep in random_kthread() for EACH entry scanned
>     from the harvest ring.  Something reasonable like 1/10 second (similar
>     to what you do if the harvest ring is empty.  Or may you could pull
>     off 5 entries at a time and then sleep.  Right now you run it in a
>     tight loop until the ring is completely empty.

Hmm. Sounds doable. I'll play.

>     A 1/10 second sleep and a ring limit of 32 still gives you an effective
>     320 seeds per second.  Still overkill, but at least not  the massive
>     overkill that its doing now.

Event != seed.  I'll juggle numbers and see if I can come up with any
tweakables (sysctl's) that could give users more control here.


Mark Murray
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