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Hip Hop Productions Newsletter


What da deal folk?!?!?!?  You've just tuned into the hottest Hip Hop/R&B Newsletter the web has ever seen.  You'll be hit off with the illest Hip Hop and R&B you've NEVER heard.  These are the artist the big boys don't want you to hear cause they bringing more than just gimmicks, but real quality music.  Everyone that receives this Newsletter is a trail-blazer in his/her own right, getting the heads up on fresh new music instead of the tired same ole same ole 20 song rotation you get on the radio.  The Newsletter's first issue will hit your mailboxes Friday, March 9 approx 5pm Central Time, so be on the look out for that, and be ready for the talent that's gonna hit your mail box.  Stay Tuned.


HHP Moderator

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