Bruce Evans <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>I think I prefer the old behaviour.  The names preserved by the kernel
>can't possibly remain valid until unmount in all cases.  Examples:
>- pathnames relative to the current directory work.  These only remain
>  valid if the process that does the mount also does the unmount (and
>  doesn't chdir).
>- the pathnames may involve symlinks that go away or change before
>  unmount.
>The fix for this is: don't do that.  This is also a reaonable fix for
>long pathnames -- don't use them unless you really have to.  Long
>names even mess up the most common uses of the preserved names --
>displaying them in df, mount, etc.

        And what if you have to use them (or want to)?  If df/mount/etc
have bugs, let's fix those (not that I think they're significant).

Randell Jesup, Worldgate Communications, ex-Scala, ex-Amiga OS team ('88-94)

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