I'm wondering if anyone has the time or inclination to take a look at a fix
for PR bin/25110.  We're having problems using a freshly-built 4.2-stable
box (technically 4.3 rc at this point), and the bug is still present.

I'm not sure how many people would see this problem (we see it because we
have to compile Apache 1.x with the -pthread switch due to add-on modules
that are threaded).  Under 4.1-stable, everything was fine.  At some point
between 4.1-stable and 4.2-release, something changed, but my hunt through
the CVS repository hasn't revealed anything obvious.

In any case, it's a repeatable bug (the PR includes a code sample) and
unless looked at, it will be a bug in 4.3-release.

If there's any clarification needed, please let me know.



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