Matthew Jacob wrote:
> I found all of the knobs that turn off harvesting, and with those off, my
> alpha 4100 boots again w/o hanging.
> So- there are knobs (but nothing in UPDATING warned me to turn them off in
> order to boot again).

        The commit message described that the option would be on by default, and I
did a followup to -current that described the situation in detail. Sorry if
you missed it. 

> I still think this should be in a separate rc file, but
> no matter.

        The timing (i.e., asap) really indicates that /etc/rc is the best home. 
> The item that causes the alpha to hang on boot is interrupt harvesting. Has
> anyone else running non-ia32 run into problems?

        I'm not sure about that, but I know Mark appreciates all the feedback he
can get, especially on non-intel stuff.

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