Hello everybody,

I had been away for two weeks and after upgrading to the latest -CURRENT I
noticed that leaving 

device midi
(and maybe device seq, I did not test separately)

in my kernel config file causes a Trap 12 with interrupts disabled on
_mtx_lock_sleep+0x29a: movl 0x1a0(%edx),%eax 

quite early on boot. Dumping was not possible, my attempts at this were
only honoured with a reboot. 

Although I never tested if the midi support actually does something but up
until now I always had it in the kernel and it never caused problems.

I wonder if this is known? If not, I can certainly provide more
information. The offending sound hw is a Creative SB 64 AWE ISAPnP card. It
works fine otherwise. (as it always has)

BTW: the new entropy gatherer really works nice for me. Even with the usual
set of debugging options, I did not notice any slowdown, more, I think the
computer has become more responsive than it has been lately. Congrats to
Mark and all, I just did not want to send an email separately for this!:-)     


Szilveszter ADAM
Szeged University
Szeged Hungary

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